Since my son Noel has been taking piano at Walters Studio he has grown so much. With little to no experience, the experience he has received and the growth he portrays when playing each piece of music is so exciting. He enjoys when he is given opportunities to choose music pieces of his own.  I would not have it any other way than for my son to be a student at Walters Studio where professionalism and a love for music is always shown and expected.

Rebecca E.

My son Noah started lessons between age 4 and 5 and has grown so much musically. Mr. Tim has been kind and professional in teaching Noah various musical styles. As a result of Mr. Tim's guidance with piano, Noah has had the courage to play for his music teacher and his classmates and I am forever grateful.

Tracy H.

Mr. Tim took Manny under his wings when he was only 3 1/2 years old.  My son is now 7 and continues to strive to work hard to perfect the craft.  When I think of Mr. Tim and the time he spends with my son, I think of the three P's (Patience, Precision, and Promise).  Mr. Tim is very patient with my son. One day Manny came home from practice when he was younger and said, "Today in piano I learned that practice makes magic." With Mr. Tim's patience, I've truly seen my son perform magical pieces.  When it comes to precision, Mr. Tim makes sure that my son engraves the notes in his brain, so he can apply it to whatever piece he is learning. Last but not least, Mr. Tim promises that the time he puts into practice will reap great benefits.  My son transfers what he learns in piano to school.  With piano lessons, my son excels in math.  Mr. Tim ignites the whole child/person, and I'm truly blessed to have him as my son's piano instructor. 

Tabitha G.

Mr. Walters is an example of the best any individualist Music Teacher can offer. Although soft spoken and kind he does not compromise on the correct way to play music. I am thankful and grateful for the time and efforts spent in greatly improving My daughter Angel’s piano playing ability.

Ms. G.

“Tim is an awesomely patient and gifted music teacher. From piano to clarinet, his teaching style has my son looking forward to lessons each week.”

Amanda M.

Mr. Tim, as we affectionately call him, has been more than a great piano instructor for the past 11years. He has mentored, challenged, and inspired our son and daughter to maximize the musical gift God has given them.

Alicia J.